Hall of Fame Receipient - 2009


It is believed that the Hall of Fame Trophy was presented to Bill Tilden for winning six consecutive United States singles titles from 1920 to 1925. Perry Jones had it mounted on a pedestal and in 1968, the names of fifteen Southern California champions were engraved. Since that time, a collection of players, coaches and special individuals have been added to the honor roll. There are now 56 members in this very exclusive club. In 2010 Robert Lansdorp, Bob Falkenburg, Bob Lutz, Peggy Michel, Stan Smith, and Pat Yeomans were inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Robert's Philosophy


All champions have discipline and are very coachable. That's why they can become great at a young age. Tracy Austin winning the US Open at 16 - yes 16 years old - Sampras winning the Open at 19. Sharapova winning Wimbledon at 17 and Davenport winning the Swiss Open at 16. It took Lindsay a little longer because of conditioning- With discipline you can improve your concentration and your focus. To me its simple - just do what I tell you!!

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Top Players

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About Robert

In 1967 I started teaching in San Diego at Morley Field and from there I went to the Jack Kramer Club. I put the Kramer Club on the map as the place where champions were built. It never happened before I was there or after I left.

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E-mail: Rlansdorp@yahoo.com